About Us

Once upon a time, a middle-aged mom living in small town South Carolina set out on a quest for a practical homemade Christmas gift for her family and friends.  It quickly became one of her many far-fetched "experiments". She convinced innocent family members and friends to sniff and rate tons of scented sticks without giving them a clue why!  Little did they know, they were playing  a scentsational role in helping develop the perfect, specially blended homemade Christmas concoction ever!  The concoction needed a name! She considered lots of tasteful, politically correct names for her gift.  Then it came to her . . . "DooDooJuice"!  It was a bit cheesy, but memorable, and EVERY TIME she thought about it, it made her chuckle!  It was perfect!  

Throughout the Christmas season, family and friends received their homemade concoction with looks of bewilderment, confusion, disdain and other mixed emotions! Some were just plain speechless! "Did we smell all of those sticks for THIS?" some exclaimed!  In spite of their reactions, they had a bottle of DooDooJuice in hand AND they could all relate to three things: 

#1.  They were EMBARRASSED to Doo "number two" in shared bathroom facilities!
#2.  They HATED FOLLOWING the person who just did "number two" in the bathroom!
#3.  They COULDN'T  FORGET the name "DooDooJuice"!

These not-so-genetic commonalities united them and made them a part of the DooDooJuice family!

As days and weeks went by, that Mom began to get texts and calls saying . . .
"This DooDooJuice REALLY works!"
"We LOVE our DooDooJuice!"
"How can we get more DooDooJuice?"

Fast Forward . . .

My name is Jill and I am that Mom.  I never set out to be a toilet odorpreneur!  But, when I realized that DooDooJuice was helping to solve a worldwide stinkin' problem, I figured I'd make a go of it!  So let me officially welcome you to DooDooJuice.com!
We would love to have you join the rapidly growing DooDooJuice family! Simply, order a bottle, (or two, or three) and you're in!   

We Doo Good! 
DooDooJuice is making the world a more pleasant place one "movement" at a time! At DooDooJuice.com, we don't just make life better in the privacy of the potty! We Doo Good in the community too!
Fifty Cents from the sale of each bottle will be donated to Doo Good for others!

              Doo Me a Favor!  
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Love Y'all (and a fresh smellin' stall!),
Jill & The DooDooJuice Crew