About Us

Once upon a time, a middle-aged mom living in small town South Carolina set out on a quest for a practical homemade Christmas gift for her family and friends.  It quickly became one of her many far-fetched "experiments". She convinced innocent family members and friends to sniff and rate tons of scented sticks without giving them a clue why!  Little did they know, they were playing  a scentsational role in helping develop the perfect, specially blended homemade Christmas concoction ever!  The concoction needed a name! She considered lots of tasteful, politically correct names for her gift.  Then it came to her . . . "DooDooJuice"!  It was a bit cheesy, but memorable, and EVERY TIME she thought about it, it made her chuckle!  It was perfect!  Fast Forward . . . 

My name is Jill and I am that Mom.  I never set out to be a toilet odorpreneur! But, when I realized that DooDooJuice was helping to solve a worldwide stinkin' problem, I figured I'd make a go of it!  So let me officially welcome you to DooDooJuice.com!

Luv Y'all (and a fresh smellin' stall)!