What is DooDooJuice?

Whether you're a PREACHER or a PILOT,  an ARTIST or an ATHLETE, you are here because . . .
You're Embarrassed to Do "Number Two!"  Let's face it, no one likes the smell of your poo . . . not even you!  Now, your worries are over!  DooDooJuice is the toilet odor spray with the UNFORGETTABLE name, that can rescue you from stinkin' shame!   DooDooJuice Original Citrus Scent is a special blend of NATURAL ESSENTIAL OILS that is GUARANTEED to neutralize even the worst bathroom odors. DooDooJuice DOES NOT CONTAIN CRAPPY STUFF like aerosols, Alcohol, Benzene, Formaldehyde, Parabens, Phthalates, synthetic fragrances or artificial dyes. Each 2 ounce bottle of this  life-changing spray contains ~100 uses. Spray the toilet bowl water 4-6 times BEFORE you go!  Do the Doo then flush the poo! Your bathroom "followers" will have no clue!  WE DOO GOOD IN PUBLIC TOO!
Fifty cents from the sale of each bottle will be donated to Doo Good in the community!  Order DooDooJuice today and help make the world a more pleasant place one "movement" at a time!